Q. I don't see a shopping cart or any way to order prints on your web page?

A. My web page is NOT an online store, so there is currently no secure online shopping cart. You must e-mail me, and tell me what you're interested in. Then I will quote the price and tell you how to pay. I use paypal for credit cards or checks to my home address.

Q. I don't see a price listed for the image I like?

A. Only the poster prints are priced. If you see a price then it's a poster print made by the publisher. If you don't see a price then its a custom limited edition print signed and numbered and made by me. All images in my web gallery are availible as editioned custom prints. Custom prints have rising prices as the edition sells out. Editions are numbered to 50 and 25 on the larger prints.

Q. Can I have a poster print made with different colors other than whats shown?

A. NO. These are made by the publisher on an offset print press 1000 at a time. No color changes or size changes.

Q. What are your poster print specials?

A. Generally the more you order the more the discounts and freebies kick in. Discounts start on orders over 100.00

Q. How long does it take for a custom print to ship?

A. I make all custom editioned prints as they are ordered. One to two weeks to ship depending on how busy I am.

Q. Can I find your prints locally? I would like to see before I buy.

A. The poster prints can be seen anywhere really, they are sold to resellers through the publisher poemsart.com worldwide! Your local frame and print shop may very well have them. The custom editioned prints can only be seen in Denver and Seattle. Hopefully more cities soon. There are a few editioned prints up at Seattle-Tacoma airport Concourse A1 untill October 2005. Only ticketed passengers can get at these.

Q. Can you send me a brochure and price list?

A. Sorry no, my web page is my brochure, prices are image specific. E-mail price questions to me.

NOTE: I usually answer e-mail's in the evening hours PST, almost always the same day. With everyone trying to block spam, occasionally I don't get your e-mail and you may not get mine. If you have not received a response to a question within 48 hours, try again. I do check my spam folder daily in case your mail ended up there.

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