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Current inventory available at these locations:

Seattle, Washington
Woodstock, NewYork
Phoenix, Arizona
Los Angeles, Ca



E-mail for custom print information: sdmey4@aol.com


The prints are created with large format inkjet printers using specialty quadtone black ink sets. The inks are carbon pigment based, and specially formulated to print with an exceptional tonal range! There are no color inks used. They offer a remarkable tonal range as well as water resistance and exceptional display life characteristics. The paper is 100% rag and acid free to insure long display life. The carbon based inks print with a slightly warm tone tint.

After several years of printing these images in a traditional darkroom, I found I was always looking for a better way to make the prints. Rather than a convenient replacement for darkroom prints, this is a new print technology with its own beauty! Since many of the images resemble drawings, printing them with ink onto watercolor type papers seemed like a perfect compliment to the photographic x-ray technique. Because of this ability to print on fine art rag and watercolor papers, and many other reasons, it has become my process of choice. It is not cheaper or faster by any means, in fact, just the paper alone is more than twice the cost of Silver fiber paper. Truely a unique print process yielding spectacular photo quality archival prints. Prints are much more detailed and sharper than the web quality images.

Most images from the galleries are available! No 8x10's (see lithograph poster sales).

  • On 10in paper matted to 16x20
  • On 16x20in paper matted to 22x26 LMT. Edition of 50 (these are the prints I exhibit). Rising prices as the edition sells out.
  • On 20x24in paper matted to 28x32 LMT. Edition of 25 (some images) 24x30 (some images).

E-mail for info on custom prints! Please include where you are from! I might be able to refer you to a site or gallery where you can see the real thing. Plus I need to know the shipping location before any price quotes go out!

Steven Meyers
104 223rd St. S.E.
Bothell, Wa. 98021

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