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By using x-rays instead of light, and unusual innervision can be revealed, and nature shows us textures, details, and shadows that would otherwise not be seen. Visible light is just a small part the electromagnetic spectrum, and falls between x-rays and infrared. My x-ray images are a collection of negatives, positives, and solarized images, solarized being partly negative and partly positive at the same time.

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My introduction to the photographic process began in 1971 when I began formal studies for radiological technology. I have made my living creating radiology-based images in the diagnostic medical setting for the last 30 years. It was this introduction the photographic process that lead to an interest in camera based photography in the late 70's. As a diversion from my daily world of black and white, I specialized in medium format color landscapes and nature photography, always making my own prints. Darkroom printing was my joy.
Around 1975, I began experimenting with making x-ray photographs of flowers and other objects mainly out of curiosity. These efforts were just for fun, but I kept the idea in the back of my mind to get serious about it someday. Well, before I new it, 20 years had passed and the artform was almost forgotten. There have been a few other x-ray art photographers over the years, with the earliest floral radiographs made around 1930. The choice x-ray equipment for floral radiographs is almost as rare as the art form itself. Most hospital diagnostic x-ray equipment is much to powerful for recording delicate flower details.

In 1997 I became very serious about this art form and have created over 3000 different images since. Currently this collection is edited down to about 100 favorites, most of the images fail because of composition! There is no lens to compose the images. Floral radiography, even in its 70 year history, is for the most part unexplored, and I am committed to seeking out new and interesting subjects in nature. Going through some old photography from the 70's I found this early floral radiograph made with standard hospital type xray equipment approximately 1975.

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